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Material Recycling and/or Energy Recovery?

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Material Recycling and/or Energy Recovery?
Thursday, 07 February 2013
Forum Admins:
Waste to resources (WTR) and Waste to Energy (WTE) are usually the two most common forms of waste management. Even though energy recovery falls below the material recycling in a typical waste hierarchy, trend has been such that energy recovery from waste is increasing. For bustling cities, WTE looks a better option to kill two birds with one sword- manage waste and generate energy. But the question arises: is the energy from waste is really renewable energy? How does it drive away the recycling business and the informal waste sector that are engaged in recycling activities? I wonder how we see plastic (material) recycling versus energy recovery from plastic. I would appreciate if we can share your thoughts in this forum! Thank You- Paru.
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WTE is the best option.
Last replied by Thusitha on Friday, 08 February 2013