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E-Waste Management
Monday, 13 May 2013
Forum Admins:
E-waste management at informal setting raises issues of health and environmental hazards, but is one of the lucrative recycling related (& profit-making) living opportunities to the informal sector. In such case, banning the informal e-waste recyclers does not seem totally right. Formalizing the informal E-waste recyclers by bringing in many individual small-scale E-waste collectors and recyclers as an association or a network, and eventually starting a bigger recycling company/unit could be one possibility. Also, division of the work between the informal and formal E-waste recyclers, as in letting the informal e-waste workshops conduct collection, sorting and the dismantling activities while the large-scale formal recycling units that have proper technologies and pollution control mechanisms does the recycling, could be another modality. But in both the cases, profit sharing could become an issue. Do you relate to any of these two models of “doing business in partnership” a means of addressing some of the issues of informal e-waste recycling? Have any of these two models been successfully tried at ground level? Or how should the issue of informal E-waste recycling be addressed?
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