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The first phase of 3RKH (2006-2009) was successful in creating significant 3R knowledge in the Asia & Pacific Region and disseminate through website (www.3rkh.net). 3RKH made its presence felt throughout the Asia & Pacific Region. The 3R Regional Forum endorsement of 3RKH as its knowledge arm/platform in their inaugural meeting on 11-12 November 2009 in Tokyo, Japan illustrates the role of 3RKH as an umbrella think tank in 3R related knowledge generation and dissemination in the region.


3RKH’s interactions with various stakeholders, policy makers, researchers, academicians, NGOs and businesses affirmed the necessity to sustain and consolidate its knowledge sharing activities.  With 3RKH envision to become a Regional Centre of Excellence in 3R, a continued support from ADB was felt necessary. Extension of the 3RKH into second phase is hence a step forward in reaching this goal to fulfill the following expectations from ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs).


  1. Need to strengthen policy and policy development process: Review of policies and regulatory regimes and to promote locally suitable 3R technologies and practices,
  2. Dissemination of 3R technology: an upgraded international good technology practices and enabling environment for applications of waste recycling technologies in DMCs, and
  3. Dissemination of data, information and knowledge: dissemination of data and information among DMCs to close the data/information gap in scientific analysis of waste management/recycling problems in nationally collected data with effective coalition and knowledge dissemination.


Following are the key activities planned for 3RKH Phase II:


  1. Review, improve and augment the function and contents of 3RKH.
  2. Creation of 3R related knowledge products especially on waste streams such as Construction and Demolition (C& D) waste, Waste to Energy (WTE) and Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM).
  3. Review of Plastic recycling technologies, recycled products, supply chain economics, public private partnerships and market linkages.
  4. Networking with experts, partners, regional institutes and organizations.
  5. Engagement of external experts to review/develop 3R knowledge products.


Website updating and data collection is a continuous process, your valuable suggestions to further enhance this Knowledge Hub is highly appreciated.


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