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Training Program on "Zero Liquid Waste Discharge in Industries"
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Invitation to One Day Training Program on “Zero Liquid Waste Discharge in Industries”

We are pleased to invite you to participate for the training Program “Zero Liquid Waste Discharge in Industries” being held at Liquid Purification Engineering International Co., Ltd. (A. Bangyai, Nonthaburi, Thailand) on 12 November, 2013.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a well-established concept that promotes resource conservation by purifying wastewater and reusing it as a resource back in the manufacturing process. This training program will equip participants with professional learning on achieving zero liquid discharge from industrial operations. The participants will also see and learn about the remarkable membrane technologies and installations for ZLD through successful case studies, and visit to LPE membrane museum.

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in collaboration with Liquid Purification Engineering (LPE, Thailand) and Duraflow (USA) is organizing this training. Liquid Purification Engineering International Co., Ltd. (LPE) utilizes the advantages of Membrane Technology to provide total solution of water systems to customers, as well as provide professional training to leading membrane suppliers and its technicians, while AIT is an innovative and responsive provider of a broad array of capacity building programs and services.

Please find the attached brochure for the detail information. For registration:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Kp1FYMAbL5i9H1thWeyngKzjibYfT3lPy7f6YOny5CY/viewform

The deadline for registration is October 25, 2013.

If you need any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact, Prof. C. Visvanathan, at rrrkh@ait.asia

We are looking towards your company’s participation in this training program.

Thank you and kind regards,

3RKH Team