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Medical Waste
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Healthcare Waste in Asia: Intuitions & Insights

This report titled “Healthcare Waste in Asia: Intuitions &Insights” discusses the prevailing situation of waste management in healthcare facilities for 12 countries in the Asian continent, including developed nations Japan and Singapore. The developing countries considered for study are Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. This report has been prepared targeting policymakers, technology providers, healthcare facilities, and the public.

Case Study

Infectious Waste Incineration in Thailand

The incineration plant reduces the large volume of healthcare waste generated in and around Bangkok. The process of treatment of infectious wastes comprises of: waste collection, transportation, weight measurement, waste loading, burning of waste, disposal of ash and emission control. This avoids spread of diseases from such wastes disposed in landfills and thereby protects the environment as a whole. In the past, such infectious health care wastes used to be disposed off along with municipal solid wastes into the landfills directly.

Clean Air Initiative - Hospital waste (Bangladesh)

The study encompasses on an in-depth analysis of the present condition of waste management system of selected HealthCare Centers (HCCs) in SCC and an assessment has been performed for the improvement of hospital sanitation situation.

Hospital Waste Incineration in Thailand

The disposal of hospital waste needs special treatment. One of the methods used in Thailand is incineration. The incinerators currently used are either imported or built in Thailand and have operating problems leading to the emission of air pollution, effecting the environment. Research and development on hospital waste incineration technologies offer solutions to these problems, in terms of technology, cost and efficiency, and easing of incineration operation. In this study, four cases on incinerators of different technologies, sizes and operating conditions are studied.



Assessment of Small-Scale Incinerators for Health Care Waste

This report provides an analysis of low cost small-scale incinerators used to dispose of health care waste in developing countries, specifically sharps waste (used and possibly infected syringes and needles).

Pyroclave System with Hydroburn Technology

The Pyroclave is a medical waste processor developed by RAD Green Solutions to manage infectious medical wastes. It utilizes the process of Pyrolysis-a non-incineration, thermal process wherein wastes are decomposed at very high temperature in the absence of oxygen, turning medical wastes safe.


Guidance Manuals

A Global Inventory of Alternative Medical Waste Treatment Technologies

(Jorge Emmanuel and Ruth Stringer)

The purpose of this inventory is to provide a global listing of alternative technologies for the treatment of infectious waste.

Managing Hospital Waste

(Megha Kela, Samir Nazareth, Ravi Agarwal)

A Guide for Health Care Facilities.

Management of waste from injection activities at district level: Guidelines for District Health Managers

(World Health Organization)

This guide is designed as a simple and practical tool to help District Health Managers elaborate a realistic district level plan to reduce improper disposal of waste from injection activities.