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Ever wondered how companies can really show they are practicing reduce and actually giving thought towards designing their product. We all know apple does a great job in designing their products but let cut the chase and come to products that you use every day. In offices and in homes we are using staplers for clipping and fastening paper almost on a daily basis. This small invention from its humble conception from 18th century in France for King Louis XV courts to our hands have fundamentally remained the same.

Staples have become a scourge to the office environment. Those shiny metal wires have jammed in thumbs, caught on sweaters, and torn papers. The horrors are just too numerous to mention. A Japanese company has come up one such invention using which we can staple without pins. This environmentally friendly office device simply cuts a little flap in the corner of your papers, folds the flap back and tucks it into a tiny slit, and it does it as quickly and easily as an old regular stapler. It's not as permanent as a staple, and the limit is 10 pages, but for what it does, it's very well designed, and the pages can be pulled apart without tearing, under ordinary circumstances they hold together very well.

It means no more struggling to remove those same pesky little staples from the page and ripping your work. And of course no more rogue staples slipping between the keys of your keyboard to lie in wait for the most inopportune moment to sabotage your day.

Those who prefer to tread lightly upon the earth will love the Staple-less Stapler's much smaller environmental footprint and also making paper recycling much more easier, since there is no metal to remove while shredding the paper.

by Paul Jacob

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