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C&D Waste Manual

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Sub Region:Asia
Focus Area:Construction and Demolition Waste
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C&D Waste forms a significant portion of solid waste generated in a country. As the economy expands and urbanization accelerates, a country move from developing to developed status; the percentage of C&D Waste (as compared to Municipal waste) increases. If left unmanaged or managed conventionally through the use of incinerators and landfill, the large quantity of C&D Waste will soon create a huge strain to the existing waste management infrastructure and the whole cycle will become unsustainable. This report focuses on the various approaches towards managing Construction and Demolition Wastes in the Asia region. It introduces the concept of Waste to Resource (WTR) to readers and highlights the numerous successful business cases and examples where waste has been successfully transformed into useful resources through the careful selection of technology and introduction of proper legislation and policy changes.


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