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Jahan-E- KabadI (The world of the waste recyclers)

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Sub Region:South Asia
Focus Area:Urban Waste
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Jahan-e-Kabadi is a platform for sharing ideas and news about the informal recycling sector, on issues that impact informal waste recyclers- waste pickers, pheriwallas, thia walas, kabaris. Despite the crucial services they perform in terms of segregating and recycling waste, their work remains unrecognized or poorly recognized almost everywhere globally. This newsletter will knit ideas together to share with both the sector and the larger world of practitioners and interested persons and organizations.


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Create 3R Knowledge Base

3R Knowledge Hub is continuously working towards capturing, creating and disseminating reduce, reuse, recycle (3R) knowledge products on various topics related to waste management in Asia. We continually seek our knowledge partners’ support in doing so.  We therefore request all the interested parties to support us with information on the following-

  1. City Waste Profile: City waste Profile is an assessment of waste management situation in a city. Local authorities and/or any interested individual and organization is welcome to share the information.
  2. Case Study: Case studies that highlight any flagship projects on solid waste management and 3R are welcome.
  3. Technology Factsheet: 3R recycling technology manufacturers and distributors are requested to share the available recycling technologies. Please note 3RKH do not endorse any of the technology or trade name, the sheer purpose is to share information.

Please kindly return the completed templates at rrrkh@ait.ac.th